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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Turning a corner..........

Have you ever had one of those times hanging out with someone you're interested in, or kind of seeing each other, and you feel it turn into something other than what it's been? It could be a good or bad turn. I had a good one Sunday night.

There's this woman I've been seeing here and there for a month or so. We'll call her "Suli". We really enjoy each other's company. We have fun. She'd had a rough few days lately, with her kids and her ex. No need to go into details. I felt the need to just go see her and give her a hug, which I knew she needed.

We meet up at the mall, then go to Friday's to have a drink and talk. After that; we sit in her car and talk, listen to some music....maybe smooch a little. We share a nice little moment, hug and all. Something in the kiss goodnight, and the way she looks at me, tells me it's starting to turn into something possibly better than it was.

Anyhoo, it's been a fun couple of days sending playful texts back and forth. I saw her tonight before my softball game. Wild Wing for voodoo juices and wings. She came to the park, and wished me good luck before driving off.

All in all, a good couple of days.

Not wanting to rush anything, as neither of us is in a place for that. It's just nice to know there are possibilities.

OH! We won our game 13-12 in 8 innings. That makes us 7-0 on the season. It was an ugly game. Our defense played like crap. We didn't hit until the 6th and 7th innings. But, a win is a win. Maybe her good luck helped out. We'll need to test the theory next week to see. ;-)

I'll get to go see my kid tomorrow for a little while. I'm also going to check in with another radio station in town that will be switching to sports talk soon. See if maybe there's an opportunity there. Can't hurt, right?

That's it for today........