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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A blast from the past........

First of all, I'm glad I was able to make it out today. All that hard work I put in yesterday digging my car out wasn't for nothing. Most of the roads weren't bad, but I'm kind of worried how they will be by the time I get out of work tonight. Quite a few of them had water on them from the snow melting. The waterwill probably turn to ice now that the sun has gone down.

So, I made it to therapy today. We talked about my possibility of being ADHD. Turns out, there are MANY indications that I am. I've had to bring home a kind of "test" to get a better idea. It just asks questions such as "Do you find it difficult to sit still for extended periods of time?" and similar things that I pretty much know going in that the answer is yes.

Now comes the blast from the past. He recommends Dexedrine to treat it. That was the very medicine I took as a pre-teen. It's a stimulant, based on amphetamine, that speeds my brain up to make me able to focus better. I know it seems like the wrong  idea, but ADHD brains function much better the faster they work.

It will also help to give me more energy to get through my day. I find that far too often I just lack the motivation or energy to do things. Even basic household tasks. Hopefully, this will help to alleviate that.

There's one thing I worry about, though. I may not be able to afford the medication AND the therapy. My insurance will help it somewhat, but it may not be enough. I've got to go ahead and put some thought into it in case the choice needs to be made. Here's the time that if you're ever going to make a comment on here, I'd most appreciate it. The choice will ultimately be mine, but I don't think hearing other opinions is a bad thing.

My back and shoulders are still very sore from the work yesterday. My son is still a little sick, but feeling better. But, I'm optimistic that I've made another correct step along this road. Only time will tell. I'm ready......

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  1. It seems like the dexadrine wasn't terribly expensive. I think there are two types... one is a time released and that was hard to get and expensive but the tablets were reasonable. If I remember correctly. Austin's been off meds for over two years. I'd put some research into it as there are a lot of different things available and all of them have side effects. You might even research some herbal/natural alternatives. And perhaps... you'll find that the ADHD is responsible for some of your other problems and therefore have less of a need to see the doc. Maybe.