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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The rollercoaster ride that was my Saturday........

The day started off so well. I got up early, got in TWO walks, went to the grocery store and when I got back, season 1 of The Wire was in my mailbox! AND.....I got to laugh at myself for trying to use my CAR key fob to unlock the front door of my HOUSE. My hands were full of grocery bage and for some reason I was hitting the unlock button. I realized it and just stood there laughing.

I had work that night to look forward to, running the Hawks game, and also the Falcons were playing! Things were plugging along well.

Then the Falcons were NOT playing well, other than a Michael Turner run and a kickoff return for a touchdown by Eruc Weems. They were sloppy. When Green Bay returned an interception for a touchdown right before  halftime, I knew the game (and the season) was over. A sad end to a good season for the guys. It's been fun being in the locker room every week for media day. The good thing is, they have the base set for what should be a sustained run of making the playoffs.

And then I got a call. My son had fallen and hit his arm on the corner of the coffee table. He was freaking out, crying and screaming. And it was swelling up a bit. So, I had to leave work and meet them at the hospital.

Luckily, it just turned out to be a really good bruise. He hit it right along the edge, which is what led to the swelling. But it's all pretty purple today. Ice pack and acetaminophen have been properly used today and he seems to be handling his first decent boo-boo pretty well. He's tough......errrrrrr. I'll teach him all the faces and hand gestures that go along with the various emotions later. That's kind of an inside joke that if you ever get to meet me, I can explain. Or maybe I take some pictures to add here............once I figure out how!

Anyhoo.........I learned a few things on here last night after I got home. First, how to add a link to my Facebook profile. Second, how to allow anyone to post comments on here. It's now open for anyone who reads this to post them......even anonymously. So y'all have at it! I'm ready.........HA! Now, I just need to learn how to post my blog title song here. Or at least how to make a "video" for it on youtube that I can add to the blog.

Now on to today's music dose. I've become quite enamored with the voice of Adele. She's had a couple of hits with "Chasing Pavement" and "Rolling in the Deep". I wanted to add her cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love", most famously recorded to this point by Garth Brooks for the Hope Floats soundtrack. The melody and lyrics of this song are so simple, yet so profound.

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