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Friday, January 7, 2011

Whew............what a day!

Sorry to be "late" with my entry for the day. I've had quite the full day. Early walk, time with my kid, lunch with a dear friend, a trip to the bank...........all of which leads me to posting about 10 minutes before I have to go to work.

It's been a pretty good week in all. I find myself getting up earlier in the morning than I used to. I feel like I have more energy. I definitely feel better about myself. Probably the endorphins.........

If you haven't noticed, the videos on by video wall have changed. This set is by a guy named Butch Walker. He's easily the most musically talented person I personally know. He used to be in a "hair band" back in the day called Southgang. Their lead singer, I knew from my college days. I spent one summer on their road crew travelling around the southeast opening smaller shows for bands like Tesla, Firehouse and the like. Their big hit was "Tainted Angel".

They dropped my friend and became a trio knows as Marvelous 3. They had a pretty big hit with "Freak of the Week". Butch took over the lead vocal duty in that incarnation. The man knows how to craft a good pop song. That band broke up over issues with their record label and he went solo. No big waves made as a solo artist, but an immense talent. ALWAYS great live shows.

He's since become an in-demand producer and songwriter, having worked with Fallout Boy, Avril Lavigne and most notably, Pink. You can hear her singing with him on "Hear Comes the Heartache" over there on the wall.

My favorite song of his is probably "Take Tomorrow". "Be Good Until Then" is another. Songs that really say something and mean a lot to me. The Marvelous 3 stuff is good ol' pop rock. Fun music.

Anyway, sorry there wasn't much in the way of substance in this entry. Maybe I can do another tonight after I get home from work. But, it's been a good day.......week. I"m hopeful it turns into a good year.

I had a friend once tell me.........the bottom is a good place to push off from..........or something like that. You get what it means. So push off!

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