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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A lazy Sunday...........

Sorry for my tardiness with the blog entry for the day. It's been a pretty busy day so far.

Not really. I slept in today. I didn't get up til 10, ate a little breakfast then went out for my daily walk. After that, I braved a trip to the Kroger for some supplies. They're calling for more ice now than snow. That leads to falling trees and limbs......which leads to power outtages. I needed more food that didn't need electricity to cook. Therefore, I went and bought some wheat bread, some ham, turkey and swiss.

Then I settled in to watch some football. I'm trying to teach my son very early the basics of manhood. Sports. All of them. At least have some sort of appreciation for even the silliest of sports. They're all good for you somehow.......like green vegetables. I've had him hitting balls with a bat almost since he could sit up on his own. The early days were just him hitting a ball on the floor like a hockey puck. He's getting pretty good at hitting when I toss them to him.

He seems to enjoy football, though I'm sure he doesn't have much comprehension of it. There are grown people I know that don't understand all the rules, so how could I expect him to?

I'd really like to pass on my love and knowledge of baseball to him. I was passed that from my grandfather, who I'm named after. My father's father. I can remember many trips to Ernie Shore Field in Winston-Salem to watch the Red Sox single A team play. He taught me how to "score" a game and all the various little nuances that make baseball such a great game. It may move too slow for some people, but I like that it allows you to be able to hold a conversation with who you're there with and not miss anything.

He died when i was 10 from lung cancer. He smoked for many years. I remember once going to see him in the hospital and being amazed at how much he'd shriveled up. That was NOT the man that I knew. So baseball for me is a way to keep some small sort of contact with him. I miss you, pop.

So, Back to more football with me and the boy. Another slow day in terms of showing any sort of growth today. But, you still got a little insight into who I am.

I learned another little trick on here yesterday. How to embed videos into the blog. I talked about Butch Walker the other day and mentioned a couple of songs that meant a lot to me. One of them is this one.......Be Good Until Then. Really listen to the lyric. Basic things to remember in life. So simple, but says so much. THAT'S how I want to write.

I especially like this part.......

Always wash your hands when you wanna eat
Always keep 'em dirty enough to see where you came from.

I hope y'all like it.

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