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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am NOT a multi-millionaire........

I wake up to find out this morning that I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot of 355 million dollars. I was among the many to throw in a few bucks for a shot at that huge amount of money. It turns out that 2 people won it. Good for them. I hope they do some good with it.

Had I been a nerd and played the numbers that Hugo Reyes, aka Hurley, the character on "Lost" played to win his lottery on the show......I would have won $150. Turns out almost 26, 000 did just that. I liked that show, but seriously? I just always let the computer pick my numbers. The chances are better that way. They're still astronomical, but statistically better.

Alright.......back to me for a bit.

It seems the universe is looking out for me a little, pushing me maybe. All of these things I need to do, and doors start to open. It's like I put them to paper, or screen....whatever, so it's out there and things start to happen. I need to sell my house and move to start my life over, right? Along comes a very good friend I knew in high school and reconnected through facebook with an offer to rent an extra room in her house. She's recently divorced and now has the house on her own. The room also has it's own full bathroom and back entrance. It's really all I need. It adds another 10 miles each way to my commute. I figured it all out last night while talking to 7 on facebook. It'll cost me, at present gas prices, another $780 a year to move in there. So we'll see what the number is that she throws at me to rent the room.

I also have another friend from high school that I actually worked at Pizza Hut with a little while back that's going to need to find a place to live in February. We've talked about becoming roommates somewhere as well. That option would leave me closer to work. I just have to figure out the numbers.

Neither of those helps in any way in selling the house, but at least I have options.

Then there's also the taking better care of my body part. I've come to find out there's a gym in the building where I work that we can use for free. It's nothing major. A couple of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, stair climbers, ab dollys and an excercise ball. There's also one of those all in one weight contraptions. You can do bench presses, leg presses, pull downs, leg curls and such on it. They also have showers and such so you can clean up and go to work. I'm trying to talk a guy I work with into meeting me there to work out before the show everyday. We'll see, but at least I can go there everyday.

I find myself needing to be around people who care about me more often. I feel stressed out so bad every time I come home. It's GREAT to be around my kid more, and I always have my dogs. It's just the other b.s. I have to deal with that works on me. It was good to get out and have some dinner with someone last night, to talk and whatever. I need more of that.......lots more.

What can i say? I still miss 7. We talk a little here and there. It's been really rough for us both. It seems we're both healing and moving on. I still have thoughts of us trying to work on things after I'm done with all of this. And if it's meant to be, it'll come around again. She's an amazing person that I worry will have found someone else that makes her happy and treats her the way she deserves before I get the chance to show her I CAN be what she needs. But if she's happy, that's all I can really ask.

By the way, I got tickets to see Marc Broussard yesterday!! He'll be here March 12th. I haven't seen him in 4 or 5 years. It should be a great show. I also get to go to a meet & greet with the guy. I'm really looking forward to it.

Alright, time to get out of here and get some things done. I gotta pack up some clothes and stuff and head down to the gym in an hour or so. Y'all be good.........


  1. Good luck w/ selling your house!

  2. i'm proud of all you are willing to do to make 'you' the best you can be. God is with you and your friends, known or not, keep you close and in their prayer