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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2......

I didn't really accomplish much yesterday. I started this blog, and I did 5 loads of laundry. I guess that kind of helps out with cleaning the house up.......less work for getting ready to sell it. I watched a good bit of football and I napped. I texted quite a bit as well. There ya have my day........

I had dinner plans, but they got cancelled. I reached out to the person I was texting to see if they wanted some company. That didn't work, either. So I layed around on my couch, played with the boy and my dogs. So, it wasn't a bad day by any means.

I guess I should explain the name of my blog. Closer to home, 6. Music is a big part of my life. I've loved it since I was very young. My mother had tons of Elvis records in the house. That's where I got the opening line to telling my story yesterday. I have fond memories of sitting at the table having breakfast before school with the radio on. Me with my oatmeal and raisins, my sister with her eggs. One song I can remember hearing quite a bit was "i can help", by Billy Swan. I didn't know that was who sang it til many years later, but I have it on my ipod to this day.

I've also been making music off and on since my early 20's. When my mother got remarried, they bought a little upright piano and I would sit down and play around on it. I would take songs I liked and try to figure out how to play them. And learn a few I did. Lots of Chicago, Journey, Air Supply, Van Halen and the like. Definitely early 80's stuff. I couldn't read music, but I could figure them out.

I got to know some guys back in the day who were serious musicians. I could sing, play piano a little and I learned to play the drums. Much like the piano, just through getting a set and figuring out how to play. So a few of these guys and I would sit and write. They could tell each other "it starts in e then transfers into whatever"....and they would just play a song they'd never heard before. That talent was beyond me. The best I could do was msay "maybe take that up or down a notch". ASnd I could write words all day long. That was something I could do since I was in junior high.

So maybe a dozen songs I've helped write and record over the years. There was a time I tried to do something with the songs, to make a career, but it never went anywhere. Not long after my seperation, i was able to find my old buddy and get back in with him playing again. Even some of the other guys from back in the day would come around. It was fun being creative again.

Well, there's one song we recorded very recently entitled "Closer To Home". Beautiful music from my friends, lyrics supplied by me. I wrote them for "7". When she first helped set me on my journey. If I can figure out how to attach it to my blog, I'll do so.

But it fit well as the title to the blog. This journey that I'm on is me trying to get home. Trying to find ME. What 6 means is up for interpretation. I know what it means to ME.

I'll talk about other music that I like in here as time goes on. But today I'll include Marc Broussard. If you look over to the right of this page, there's a video wall. It's a gadget you can attach to your blog here. I put in Marc Broussard and those are the four videos it attached. I had no control over that. But the one's it picked are rather interesting.

First uo is "Home". How cool is that? It's also the first song of his I heard. Just a great song and talent.

Second up is "More Than You'll Ever Know". It's a cover of a Donnie Hathaway song. I also happened to be at that recording. It was at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

Third in the chute is "Hard Knocks". I'm going to going through my share on my way "home". But I'm ready!

And lastly, "Love & Happiness". Another cover of a classic soul song. But isn't it what we're all after? Just to share love and be happy. Simple things that can be difficult to find sometimes.

So there ya have it...........later.

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  1. Hey Marvin, I'm looking forward to reading your posts and think that you will find everything for which you are looking. Good things come to good people and that's you. :-)
    Lisa O.