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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day 1........2011

WOW..........we sure got hit! It finally hit my area about 10 p.m. last night and within 45 minutes, you couldn't see the ground anymore. It was falling hard and fast. We were said to have hit 6 inches before it changed over to ice and compacted it down quite a bit. It's very pretty outside. Once I get the pictures set up on a flickr account, I can copy and paste them to my blog.

Unfortunately, my kid has a bit of a cough and fever today, so no playing in the snow for him. He stands at the door looking out, which is very cute. The dogs want nothing to do with it.

I still managed to fit in TWO walks today. Close to four miles. I was layered three times over, so I worked up a good sweat both times. I am proud of myself that I still got out and did the work, even when I had easy excuses not to. The walks were good. Very quiet. Nothing to hear but the wind, a few dogs and kids off in the distance and my own thoughts.

I am still dismayed at the prospects for selling my house. I'm not far from just letting the bank have it and deal with the credit repercussions for the next how many ever years. That's how frustrated I'm getting. Plus, I just want to be free........no matter the cost.

I'm hopeful the snow doesn't keep me from work tomorrow, but I'm even worried for Wednesday. I am paid hourly, so I get nothing for staying home today. Thankfully, I got an extra 5 hours on Saturday that will make up for today. And then there's the issue of my therapy session on Wednesday. This is an important one for me, so I hope the streets are ok by then.

I finally have added some music to my phone, so I was able to listen to a few songs on the last walk. It's pretty much just Marc Broussard, Butch Walker, Prince and Collective Soul uploaded to it so far.

One of my favorite Marc songs came on that has an interesting story to it. It's called Gavin's Song. It's a song he wrote to his son. All the things he wants for him, yet sad that he can't be there as much because of his life on the road. I've always liked it. It came to mean more to me after the birth of my son. I wasn't able to see him all that often. I worked a tremendous amount of hours at THREE jobs trying to keep my mortgage, and other bills, paid for. Twice a week was about how often I saw him. Listen to the lyrics, you'll get it.

One night, I was listening to this song with a friend of mine. We have being fans of Marc's, among other things, in common. So while listening to this song, she starts to cry. Knowing some of her back story, it occurs to me why. She has a son of her own, and her husband died much too young from an artery blockage. This song to her is pretty much listening to her husband say these things to their son. And so I cried with her, It was one of the deepest moments I've ever shared with another human being in my life. I haven't been able to hear the song the same since. Once you hear it through someone else's ears.......wow........and it makes me tear up every time. That's the beauty of music, and art in general. It can mean different things to different people.

So here is the song. Enjoy it and have a great day.

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