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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes it's difficult..........

This is the first day that I've struggled to find something to write about. Nothing special or insightful happened to me yesterday, or even yet this morning. So, it feels like a day of no progress.

There was also a couple of setbacks to deal with. My friend from high school who thought she may rent a room to me had to retract the idea. Her ex wasn't keen at all on the idea of anyone renting a room, and I get that. I guess he's being protective of his daughters. I can't blame him for that. I just hope he's not doing it to make things more difficult for her.

Then I find my other friend has already found a house to move into. BUT, the guy has another room he was thinking of renting. I asked my buddy to put in a word for me, so that may still be an option.

Trying to sell the house is absolutely the biggest source of anxiety for me. Bank of America doesn't want to come off with any of MY MONEY, the equity I've built up in this house, to try to fix it to sell? Then I'm just about ready to just say **** it and let it go to pot. Then they can have it and deal with it. I've had this banking account since 1986, before there was even such a thing as BOA. I've been in this house since 1996. No refi's, no 2nd mortgages. You'd think they'd be a little more willing to play ball with me. I can surely tell you that I'll be looking for a new bank once all of this shakes out and I've started over again. Any suggestions?

I watched a good documentary on John Lennon this morning, and the U.S. government attempts to deport him and hurt his career. He was VERY pro-peace and anti-war. He aligned himself with various activists and spoke out against Nixon. That made him a target. They spent almost 5 years and no telling how much money trying to get him out of the country, before they finally gave up.

All great peacemakers tend to get killed throughout history. MLK, Gandhi, Jesus, Lennon, Sadat, the Kennedy borthers.....the list goes on & on. It's a shame. So for the song of the day, I decided to post this simple little diddy. Love is...............


  1. It's incredible how inflexible banks are... and I suspect a great many of the foreclosures are not due to people truly being unable to pay their mortgage but being STUCK. Can't sell... bank won't negotiate a short pay, they'd rather take the whole thing rather than come off some of their potential rapings - I mean earnings. We faced the same thing when we tried to sell my trailer. It was in a community that went bad after I moved into it, the loan was interest heavy in the front so even though I was 1/3 of the way thru the term, I had hardly any equity. They wouldn't negotiate a short sale... It was frustrating. Anyways... leaving work shortly but wanted to tell you that I feel your pain with the house. Praying for a housing solution for all of you that works.

  2. I lost my house about 3 years ago. Probally when the banks didn't care and wheren't willing to work with anyone. I mean why would they they got there money after I paid for 10years and they sold the house for more than I paid. The goverment bailed out the banks and they have no mercy for the people (the banks that is), they won't let us get another home and don't know if they ever will. So far I have 3 close people of different finacial back grounds that have lost there houses in the past 6 months. Personally I think this sucks and the banks are selling our houses for pennies on the dollar, they all have had there homes for at least 10 years or more.